Pricing: Online Music Composition Lessons

Payments for music composition lessons are processed using a trusted, third-party platform designed to make it easy for students and teachers to track music lesson payments and schedule lessons.

Overview of Music Composition Lesson Fees 

Lessons fees are due before the start of each session. Currently enrolled students may be able to receive a discount on lessons for early payment.

  • One-Time Processing Fee: $25.00 (Only for first-time students)
  • Payment Plan Fee: 5% of total lesson cost.
Weekly Lessons
$975.80 (12% Off) One-Time Payment or $297.50/monthx4 (14 Lessons)
Bi-Weekly Lessons
$635.00 One-Time Payment or $158.75/monthx4  (8 Lessons)
Monthly Lessons
One-time payment of $340.00.  (5 Lessons)
    Students are automatically invoiced for lessons, and there are no late fees provided you pay your invoice within seven business days. Students are not obligated to continue with music lessons once payment has been processed for the session. However, all lesson payments are final since you're reserving time with the instructor.

    One-Time Processing Fee

    This non-refundable fee is charged to new students to offset the costs associated with setting up an account at The Composer's Studio. Prospective students will be sent an invoice to pay this fee before an account is set up at The Composer's Studio. After the payment is processed, students will receive their first assignment and invoice for their first lesson. Prospective students may elect to cancel lessons at this point, but the processing fee will not be refunded.

    Composition Lesson Fees

    Students will be scheduled for lessons at the beginning of each session. Missed lessons may be rescheduled based on the availability of the studio. Students who take weekly lessons may need to wait for the next session to receive their missed lessons. There are no refunds for any missed lessons that are not made up.

    Payment Methods Accepted 

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club as payment methods.

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    For a complete list of studio policies, please view the following document: Composition Lesson Policies

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