Overview: Online Music Composition Lessons

Online Music Composition Lessons

Music composition lessons and the diligent practice of composing music under the supervision of a professional composer provides composers with a way to develop essential composition technique and musical skills while studying music composition online.

Learning to compose music involves more than an in-depth study of music theory, learning general voice leading principles and using creative composition techniques to voice multiple independent melodic lines.

Students that want to learn to compose music must take the time to study and receive guidance from an experienced composer. Even accomplished composers often study with other composers to develop ideas and continually improve their craft.

By studying composition online with an experienced composer, you can learn the techniques and skills required to succeed as a composer.

How Lessons Work

Online music composition lessons provide a convenient and effective way to study the craft of music composition from the convenience of home. With each lesson, composers receive a written feedback that provides an in-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses in their compositions. Students will also receive a new assignment designed to test and challenge their skills as a composer. Composers progress by completing increasingly advanced coursework and compositions.

The First Month of Lessons

Students are expected to complete two lessons during the initial month. These lessons are designed to assess the composer's ability and decide on how to proceed with lessons. Composers may take anywhere from one to four lessons per month following the initial one-month assessment.

The Initial Assessment

When composers first begin lessons, they are provided with a standard assignment designed to assess their current ability. This composition assignment gives the teacher a way to quickly assess the student's current ability in an efficient way.

Through the introductory assignments, the student's weaknesses are quickly discovered within the first month of lessons. The instructor then creates a plan of action for the student. This allows the instructor to create a program of study that is both effective and goal-oriented. Composers may be labeled as a beginning, intermediate, or advanced composer during this initial stage.

Beginning Composers

Beginning composers go through a 16-lesson program that is designed to help them learn to build a composition from scratch. The introductory lessons teach composers how to effectively manipulate rhythm, pitch, motives, and melody. Composers also learn about non-chord tones, form, basic harmony, counterpoint, and how to effectively use score elements to express their ideas musically.

Intermediate Composers

Intermediate composers typically complete the 16-lesson program, but also complete additional listening and harmonization exercises designed to increase skill. While the program does consist of 16 lessons, completing the program at this level typically takes 20 to 30 lessons.

The coursework serves as a framework and includes additional supplementary materials and assignments provided to further a composer's skill and ability. Students will complete tasks beyond the basic programmed course through in-depth reviews of the student's composition work. At this level, composers may be asked to complete additional coursework in counterpoint, theory, or form.

Advanced Composers

Advanced composers do not go through a pre-defined set of courses and lessons. At the advanced level, composers submit a composition that the instructor reviews and edits along with the student. Typically, a student submits a composition and the instructor responds with an in-depth analysis and review of the work.

Issues are worked out, and the student-teacher relationship acts more as a collaboration, with the instructor providing guidance and support. Student's at this level are encouraged to find their voice, develop their individual style, and improve their technique.

Optional Music Courses

Music composition students learn how to create professional quality music compositions that adhere to industry standards for music notation, voicing, originality, musical style, and overall musical form and structure.

Online music composition instruction creates an atmosphere that allows a music composition student to apprentice and receives mentoring in a flexible online environment. Music composition students never need to worry about getting pushed into one particular style of composing.

Our instructor believes in training the student to improve compositional technique and knowledge of other composers music, and that by doing so, a student's voice and style naturally emerges over time.

A composer's unique compositional voice can't be rushed; only time, experience, and the proper guidance can help a composer reach their full potential and develop a unique voice.


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