Application: Online Music Composition Lessons

If you're interested in developing your craft and learning to compose music more effectively, we encourage you to apply for music composition lessons. Our studio accepts students from a variety of backgrounds, and we have students ranging from the complete novice to the seasoned professional.

Becoming a music composition student consists of a simple two-step process:

  • Submit an Online Application: Composers must first complete the online application. Upon receipt of the application, the student will receive an email within one to three weeks. Applications are only reviewed the last week of each month, but if you haven't received a response after five weeks, please use the contact form to send us a query. Make sure you use an accurate email address when you complete the application.
  • Complete an Assignment: The next part of the application process may require the student to complete a short assignment. The assignment will allow us to determine whether the student is committed, has the necessary technology to take lessons, and is a good fit for the studio. In some instances, this requirement will be waived if the students submits an excellent online application.

Read Our Lesson Policies

Upon successful completion of the two-stage application process, students will be given an application decision. If admitted, students will be provided with a link to register for an account at The Composer's Studio.

If accepted, students will be expected to confirm their admission by paying for lessons.
  • Paying for Lessons: Successful candidates must pay a one-time processing fee to gain access to the studio. Invoices for lessons are sent out before the start of each month. There is no obligation to continue past the first month, but students must pay for at least two lessons during the first month to continue with lessons.

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