FAQ: Online Music Composition Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse our frequently asked questions to see if your inquiry about online music composition lessons has already been answered. If you're thinking about applying, please understand that we only accept a small number of students. Often, we try to keep our studio below five students.

When students apply, they may be asked to complete a short assignment and submit it for evaluation. Upon successful completion of the assignment, students will be accepted into the studio. No feedback will be given for any pre-lesson submissions, regardless of acceptance.

Do You Offer Discounts for New Students?

The new student discount is available on a one-time basis for any new student. You don't have to use it on your first set of lessons; however, the discount is only good one time. Use the discount code "new" to receive 5% off the total cost of your purchase.

What Are the Technology Requirements for Taking Lessons Online?

Students must meet the following technological requirements to take lessons online:

    • Notation Program: Choose from Finale, Sibelius, or use the free MuseScore to submit your compositions. Students may also submit handwritten scores.

    • Internet Access: You must have Internet access to download and submit your compositions.

    • Scanner or Camera: A scanner or camera, while not absolutely required, will make it easier to submit some handwritten assignments.

How Many Lessons Can I Take Per Month?

Students can purchase from one to four lesson per month after the initial month. During the first month, all students must complete two lessons to complete their initial assessment. After the first month, the student and instructor will assess whether online lessons make sense for the student.

What Qualifications Does the Instructor Have?

Kevin Ure has been active as a composer for over 20 years and has been teaching online since 1996. He was the first composer to offer online lessons and he has continued to produce composers with exceptional skill and promise. Many of his students have gone on to write video game music, work in universities, and receive publishing contracts.

As a composer, he has released two recordings that are available through Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody and several other venues. He holds a Masters in Music Composition from the University of Arizona and has studied with the world's most prominent modern composers.

How Long Does It Take to Receive Feedback on My Submissions?

2 - 4 Lessons Per Month: When a lesson submission falls on Monday through Wednesday, students can expect to receive feedback by 5 p.m. PST the following day if the lesson is submitted by 8 a.m. PST. Lessons submitted from Thursday through Sunday may not be returned until Monday by 5 p.m. PST. However, in most cases, lessons are typically responded to the very same day when submitted by 8 a.m. PST.

1 Lesson Per Month: Students who take only one lesson per month should expect to receive feedback within five to six business days. This is because a student who only takes one lesson per month requires more in-depth feedback to keep them busy the entire month.

Do You Offer Refunds for Lessons?

Since you're paying to reserve time with the instructor that another student could use, there are no refunds offered for lessons.

Exceptions can be made in exceptional circumstances or when a student makes an error in placing a payment.

In the event a refund is granted, please understand it can take up to 30 days to process the payment. The payment must first clear the bank account, and we must ensure that there are no issues with the credit before the payment is sent back. In cases where a student is unhappy with a lesson, the student may receive free credits for future lessons.

Do You Accept All Students That Apply?

No. Our acceptance rate for new students is fairly low. We typically only accept about 10% of all students that apply. To ensure acceptance, take your time when completing the application. We are looking for students who are committed to learning and studying their craft. Ability is less important to us than your work ethic.

Qualified students typically show an ability to communicate clearly in English. They also must have a background in music theory and typically have composed at least one composition. We are interested in students who show a commitment and devotion to learning to compose.

We're not interested in students who do not work hard, put in the time required, and fail to meet the obligations of lessons. We believe it to be a waste of time to accept a student who only wants to take a few lessons and then lose interest.

There are some exceptions to this rule. Students that want to have a second look at a composition for undergraduate and graduate school admissions are welcome to apply. We will provide you with an in-depth review of any issues in your composition so that you can have a better chance of gaining admission to the college or university of your choice.

Will I Meet With the Instructor or Skype? Do I Need To Be Available On My Lesson Date?

You don't need to be available on your lesson date to receive your feedback. You can submit your lesson at any time before the due date and time. Lessons are in written form, so you don't need any extra tools or technology to participate in lessons. 

The instructor does not do feedback live since students live all over the world. Written feedback provides the most effective and efficient method of communicating with students.

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